Sunlight to Electricity

Photovoltaic technology converts sunlight into electricity and is emerging as a major power source due to its
numerous environmental and economic benefits and proven reliability. Enough free sunlight falls on earth to
supply our energy needs for years to come.

Environmental Benefits: As PV generates electricity from light, PV produces no air pollution or hazardous
waste. It doesn’t require liquid or gaseous fuel to be transported or combusted.


This energy source is free, clean and highly reliable. PV systems are long-lasting and require little
maintenance. The benefits of Photovoltaics far outweigh the initial cost the systems.

Photovoltaic System
A complete system includes different components that should be selected taking into consideration your
individual needs, site location, climate and expectations.
It may include major components as; DC-AC power inverter, battery bank, system
and battery controller, auxiliary energy sources and sometimes the specified electrical loads (appliances).
System Sizing
The size of the PV system that will meet your expectations depends on your individual needs, site location
and climate. Please contact us and our engineers and consultants will prepare a customized system quote.